Learning Something New

I’m pretty excited about the summer vacation this year as we’re going on a camping trip as a whole family. We don’t usually get to go anywhere during the summer as my father always has to work, but this year he’s been able to get some holiday so we’ve planned a special getaway to the lake. We’re going to spend a week on vacation and we’re going to do some really exciting outdoor activities. We’ve talked about some of the things that we’d like to do and we’ve settled on some hiking, some mountain biking, lots of swimming and also some kayaking.

I’ve never been kayaking before but my Dad has and he’s promised to help me pick out a kayak of my own to take along with us. I’m a little nervous about the idea of kayaking, but he tells me that it’s easier than I’d think, and if we choose the right model I shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting to grips with the basics of it.

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He told me to start doing a little research to see what I come up with, suggesting that I look for a kayak that has been designed specifically with beginners in mind, and which is stable and easy to maneuver while also being durable and comfortable. Easy transportability is also pretty important since we’ll need to take it along with us on the car’s roof rack.

Here are three kayaks that I’ve narrowed my search down to:

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

This recreation kayak seems absolutely perfect for my needs as it has been designed particularly for beginner use. Designed to work well in flat waters like the like, it has a tri-foam hull for better stability, more effective tracking and easier maneuverability. It’s also very durable and has a comfortable padded seat for better support and cushioning. This kayak even offers 4-way adjustability so that it can suit people with all body types, meaning that both I and my dad can use it with ease. It has four different footwells, so I can find the right sitting position to match my height, and it is also very easy to transport thanks to its light 43 lb weight and only 9 feet of length. It even features carrying handles to the sides, stern and bow making lifting the kayak simple. On the downside, it isn’t very wide, and so larger kayakers may not be able to use it. This could be more of a problem for my dad.

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Ocean Kayak 12 Ft Malibu

Ocean Kayak 12 Ft Malibu

This is a great kayak for two people as it is a tandem sit on a top design that is ideal for recreational purposes. Versatile and stable, this lightweight and compact model is durable enough to last for years and can be used either on my own or with my dad as he teaches me the basics. With accompanying footwells in the center, this is an easy kayak to paddle even if it is only be used by a single person, and it is fine for kayakers of all heights – even those with short legs like me. The deck and hull design of this model make on-dock storage very easy since it can stack easily, and there are other great features allowing for easy movement, balancing and flotation. There are handles on the bow and stern for easier carrying and the padding positions are adjustable for better comfort. On the downside, there are limited options when it comes to color.

Sevylor Quikpak

Sevylor Quikpak

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This one person kayak is a really good quality option for beginners like me since it only takes 5 minutes to set up.  Its innovative design is in the shape of a backpack which allows for convenient carriage of all the essentials before folding out into a seat for the kayak. With its 21 gauge PVC construction, this kayak has a tarpaulin bottom which is very rugged and which will cope well with lake kayaking.With its many air chambers, it is very safe to use, even if it hits a snag while on the water. The multi-position footrest and comfortable backrest make using this model very enjoyable with the bungee storage space and drinks holder means that accessories can be taken on board and accessed easily for a day on the lake. This kayak comes with its own hand pump as well as carrying handles but on the downside, it isn’t as durable as a standard solid kayak.

I’m not sure which kayak my dad will like, but I’ll show him my choices later today!

Starting High School?

Having just started high school myself this year, I can testify to the fact that it is a scary time, but it’s also a really rewarding time too. I was worried at the beginning of the year, and the first day of school I thought I’d die I was so nervous! But even though the transition from middle school to high school is a frightening one, you’ll cope just fine.

You don’t want to begin your high school career unprepared, as that’s the worst way to make a start. So here is some of my best advice if you’ll be starting high school yourself soon.

Get Your Dress Right

No, you don’t need to impress other people, but you do need to feel confident and know that you’ve done everything you can to show that you’ve taken care of your own appearance. Wearing something that makes you feel good will help you to have a better performance in class and make you feel like you have better self-esteem.

Avoid Procrastination

girl sleeping on the libraryBullying isn’t as much of a problem as you’d think, but procrastination really is your enemy. It’s all too tempting to delay doing your homework and then realizing you have a mountain of work to get through and no time left. Creating a schedule is the best way to make sure you have time to get through everything, and if you stick to it, you’ll find you have a lot more free time where you can enjoy your favorite activities, whether that be shopping, reading or going on a water adventure.

Make Older Friends

Don’t be afraid to make friends with someone older who can tell you everything you need to know about your freshman year.

Never Skip Class

Yes, you may hate the idea of getting out of bed and going to school, but unless you genuinely are ill or are going through a family crisis, it makes sense to go to class since catching up is much harder than it was in middle school.

Don’t Be Tardy

If you’re on time for your classes, your teachers will know that you’re taking your education seriously and will give you the respect you deserve. That means that if you need to get an extension on an essay or want to change partners on a project, you’ll have more leverage in your favor.

Stick To Your Budget

Even if your parents give you the chance to hang out with your girlfriends at weekends in the mall, remember not to drain your bank account. You’re still on a budget, so get yourself a part-time job and handle your money with responsibility.

Team Up With A Study Partner

Studying on your own is never easy, but if you have a study buddy, you’ll find you learn more and retain more information. Either join a study group and ask for help with concepts that you just don’t understand or just work with a friend, but don’t be distracted by chatter! Remember, you’re there to work.

Don’t Let Relationships Take Over

Dating is great, but you’re in school to learn so you need to put work before play. When you’ve done your homework you can give him a call.

Balancing Old With New

three girls talking in schoolYou’ll meet a bunch of new diverse people in high school that will open you up to new things, however, you’ll still need your old friends.

Forget Peer Pressure

People will still like you if you stay true to yourself, so don’t follow the herd. Peer pressure is never good, so be comfortable with yourself and you’ll end up as a more confident and courageous person.

Embrace Challenges

Don’t just participate in things you already feel comfortable with. Instead, try a club or a class that you’ve never tried before. High school is the ideal chance to get out of your comfort zone, reinvent yourself and have an amazing time.

Take It Off!

Lots of girls make a terrible mistake when they’re doing their makeup, but it isn’t anything that they do when they’re putting it on – it’s not taking it off at night! How many of you have actually gone to bed with a full face of makeup because you just couldn’t be bothered to wash it off? While it may be a chore at the end of the day, you really need to take the time to use the makeup remover as it’s the best way to keep your skin clean and fresh and to prevent unwanted spot breakouts.

If your face isn’t looking its best, it could be because you need to spend more time on your cleansing regime. So, here are my top tips for removing your eye makeup properly so you can ensure your face stays looking great every day.

Taking Your Time

There’s no point in rushing taking your eye makeup off. In fact, the slower you are, the better you’ll get the job done. Put the remover on and then leave it to work for a few minutes as this will soften up the liner, shadow and mascara so it’s easier to remove. This will also mean you don’t need to scrub at your face as this can harm your skin, especially around the eyes.

Use Soap

girl washing her face

Makeup wipes may be convenient, but they don’t work very well. While they’re great as a first step for makeup removal, they won’t do the job fully so you’ll still need to use soap and water afterward. Using just wipes and then putting on moisturizer is a surefire wire to push dirt further into your pores and will give you more breakouts and blackheads.

Use A Specialist Cleanser

Using a face wash that hasn’t been designed for the removal of makeup won’t get the job done properly.  A proper cleansing balm or oil will coax off even stubborn makeup like brow pigments, liquid lipsticks or foundations. While you may think that a product with an oil base couldn’t possibly keep your face clean, in fact, the latest cleansers are amazing since oil can actually dissolve oil.

Clean Your Eyelids Edges

Many girls forget to clean the edges of their eyelids and that means that over time mascara and eyeliner builds up causing irritation. Also, avoid pulling chunks of mascara off your lashes as this could make them fall out. Allowing your remover enough time to penetrate the lashes will help to make them easier to clean before you press gently on them using a cotton pad and move slowly in the direction in which your lashes are growing to remove the mascara.

Clean Your Hairline

It may be late and you may be exhausted, but you still need to clean that hairline or you’ll have even more breakouts and unwanted clogged pores. Use a hairband to pull all the hair off your face and then cleanse right up to the top of your forehead.

Use Cotton Pads

girl removing make-up

Avoid cotton balls as the can break down during use or leave residue behind and this can cause irritation. A flat cotton pad is a better option.


Whether or not you have dry skin you should always moisturize after cleansing. Use lip balm and eye cream to make sure your skin stays hydrated.