Take It Off!

Lots of girls make a terrible mistake when they’re doing their makeup, but it isn’t anything that they do when they’re putting it on – it’s not taking it off at night! How many of you have actually gone to bed with a full face of makeup because you just couldn’t be bothered to wash it off? While it may be a chore at the end of the day, you really need to take the time to use the makeup remover as it’s the best way to keep your skin clean and fresh and to prevent unwanted spot breakouts.

If your face isn’t looking its best, it could be because you need to spend more time on your cleansing regime. So, here are my top tips for removing your eye makeup properly so you can ensure your face stays looking great every day.

Taking Your Time

There’s no point in rushing taking your eye makeup off. In fact, the slower you are, the better you’ll get the job done. Put the remover on and then leave it to work for a few minutes as this will soften up the liner, shadow and mascara so it’s easier to remove. This will also mean you don’t need to scrub at your face as this can harm your skin, especially around the eyes.

Use Soap

girl washing her face

Makeup wipes may be convenient, but they don’t work very well. While they’re great as a first step for makeup removal, they won’t do the job fully so you’ll still need to use soap and water afterward. Using just wipes and then putting on moisturizer is a surefire wire to push dirt further into your pores and will give you more breakouts and blackheads.

Use A Specialist Cleanser

Using a face wash that hasn’t been designed for the removal of makeup won’t get the job done properly.  A proper cleansing balm or oil will coax off even stubborn makeup like brow pigments, liquid lipsticks or foundations. While you may think that a product with an oil base couldn’t possibly keep your face clean, in fact, the latest cleansers are amazing since oil can actually dissolve oil.

Clean Your Eyelids Edges

Many girls forget to clean the edges of their eyelids and that means that over time mascara and eyeliner builds up causing irritation. Also, avoid pulling chunks of mascara off your lashes as this could make them fall out. Allowing your remover enough time to penetrate the lashes will help to make them easier to clean before you press gently on them using a cotton pad and move slowly in the direction in which your lashes are growing to remove the mascara.

Clean Your Hairline

It may be late and you may be exhausted, but you still need to clean that hairline or you’ll have even more breakouts and unwanted clogged pores. Use a hairband to pull all the hair off your face and then cleanse right up to the top of your forehead.

Use Cotton Pads

girl removing make-up

Avoid cotton balls as the can break down during use or leave residue behind and this can cause irritation. A flat cotton pad is a better option.


Whether or not you have dry skin you should always moisturize after cleansing. Use lip balm and eye cream to make sure your skin stays hydrated.

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