Easy and Fast School Lunches


It is not easy getting ready for school. There is a lot to be done and little time to do it in. These are some quick and easy lunches for school that do not take a lot of time to make.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi Rolls
This is a new take on the classic sandwich that can be made in a matter of minutes. The following ingredients are needed:
2tbs. peanut butter
2tbs. jelly or jam
2 slices of bread
Using a rolling pin flatten the bread. Spread the peanut butter and the jelly on them. Roll each slice up tightly and slice.

Hummus Pizza
To make this easy pizza the following ingredients are needed:
2 pitas
1 tomato, sliced
8oz hummus
6oz fresh spinach
8 of black olives, sliced

Sliced the pitas in half. Apply the hummus to each half. Top with the remaining ingredients. Wrap up and they are ready to go.

These are some quick and easy school lunches. They will only take a couple of minutes in the morning to take.